I work from home and make real money. Trying to earn a real income from home is not easy at first. There are so many people who will lie to you, and tell you that you don’t need to do anything but buy their secret product, and the millions will start rolling in. I will say, don’t believe the hype. There are a lot of great products out there, where you can get great ideas, and even automate sections of your work at home experience. Even with great tools, nothing, and I mean NOTHING will work if you don’t work. If you want to work from home, below are 5 tips I personally use to make real money from home. I decided to stay at home with my babies, and as a single Mom, I still needed an income. I hope you get as much use out of my tips as I do.

I will tell you, if you are single, and you don’t have a great support system, then you might want to take a different route than I have taken. I made a decision not to fail, and here I am…..I am not making millions, but my goal was only to make $500/week. Would an extra $500/week change your life?

Work from home:make real money tip 1:

You must first decide why you want to work from home. What is your motivation? If you are not passionate about why you need, or want to work from home, then when times get tough at first, you will be tempted to quit. Come up with your reason, and put a picture that reminds you of that reason on your work folder, or at the corner of your computer screen. “Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals.” Jim Rohn

Work from home:make real money tip 2:

Decide the first type of income source you will focus on. This is important. If you try to focus on going in too many different directions to make money, you could easily become overwhelmed, and do nothing. There are several income sources out there, such as online marketing, freelancing, working as a 1099 ( taxes not withheld from check) employee from home, working as a W-2 (taxes withheld from check) employee from home, and network marketing to name a few. Freelancing, working as an employee, and contracting are all free; network marketing and online marketing could have a small investment. Once you are comfortable making money with the income source you picked, then you can add another source. I will talk more about the resources for each later.

Work from home:make real money tip 3:

You must decide how much money you truly want to make. How much are you willing to work for while working from home? If you are going to market online, and you have good advertising methods, your profits will be essentially unlimited. If you are going to try freelancing, you will have to set a project or hourly rates for your clients. If you work as a 1099/W-2 employee from home, the rate will be set for you by the company that hires you. If you decide to join a network marketing company, once again, your profits will be unlimited, however you must find a company with a product you believe in, and are willing to put your name behind. Decide if you want to work from home making a paycheck, or creating wealth for yourself. The goal is to work from home, and it is truly up to you how you go about working from home. You will pick the option that is best for your family.

Work from home:make real money tip 4:

Now that you have decided why you want to work from home, the income source you want to focus on, and the money you want to make; it is now time to find the resources you need to get started. If you are going to go the online marketing route, there is a great book about how to market any product online. If you are going to freelance a skill or service, a great place to start is elance.com. I like elance, but understand that there is a lot of competition, and you might have to lower your prices at first, until you get a few jobs under your belt. If you want to be a 1099 employee from home, a great company to start with is Leapforce. The pay is around $13.50/hour, and there is no phone work involved! This is truly exciting in my opinion! If you have young children running around like I do, then you understand that you cannot work at a company that requires you to be on the phone in an environment free of “background” noise. If you are looking for W-2 employee work, and you can work on the phone, try convergence.com. The pay ranges with this company with the average being about $10/hr. If you want to go the network marketing route, research, research, research. I could write on this topic for a few hours because it is so important that you pick a reputable company with a great product. To start your research, I suggest The Direct Selling Association . The list on this site is a good start, although not all-inclusive.

I have several additional resources for all the types of work from home income sources listed above. I finally had to break down and create a blog due to the response, and emails I received about this topic. Feel free to ask me a question, or write a comment.

Work from home:make real money tip 5:

Finally, you picked the reason why you want to work from home, the income source you will use to make money, how much money you want to make, the resources to get you started, and now the final tip is to TAKE ACTION! As I said before, nothing will work if you don’t work!! Take daily action toward your goal of working from home. Be consistent, and work. Work as hard in meeting this goal as you work meeting the goals of your old employer…..As a matter of fact, work harder!!! Work harder than you ever have before. Hard work does payoff!

I hope you have enjoyed Work From Home:5 Tips To Make Real Money From Home. If you want to know what income source methods are working for me, visit My Income Source Methods post to the right. Remember, if you can dream it, you can achieve it!! See you at the TOP!

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